We started Solecraft with the simple desire to make a shoe you would want to wear everyday. Our journey began by asking a lot of questions.
  1. Why do shoes comes with senseless details and flashy logos?
  2. Why footwear industry often overlooks mother nature’s materials in favour of cheaper , synthetic alternatives?
  3. Why do shoes become less comfortable over time?
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Most people wear shoes that don’t fit . that’s  because fitting hasn’t been a priority for most of the companies. Solecraft shoes are design flexible to adjust as per your feet, not forcefully fit. Free feel is a lifestyle everyone wants and our shoes exactly gives this comfort to your feet


Apart from offering extraordinary comfort and care, to your feet. They can we worn all day, everywhere, without hurting your feet. Solecraft are made to be your default. Your go-to. An everyday shoe you don’t see everyday.

Step into ultimate comfort with a "Satra" certified outsole. Our trial and tested, shock-absorbing phylon sole plays a big role in providing comfort. It is much more flexible, lightweight and long-lasting than a traditional rubber sole.

Our Collection

Natural & Renewable Fabricks

We care deeply about how  our products are made and how they impact the environment. While we still have a long way to go, we do not use any materials or chemicals that are harmful to environment or people .Our shoes are made from premium australian merinowool and bamboo charcoal, which are the most finest and lightest fabricks in the world.

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